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Wedding Venues, Engagement Rings; Assembly Row; More!

It's Weddings Week 2013 over at Racked Boston. Let's check in!

HUB-WIDE—It's Weddings Week on Racked Boston, and that means we're highlighting the city's most stunning venues, top indie vendors for everything from invites to party favors, and engagement rings under $3,000 that kick off the path to wedded bliss.

SOMERVILLE—Shoppers are as tuned in to outlets as ever, so it's no shock that people are already buzzing about how Assembly Row—along the Boston-Somerville border—will open 50 premium outlet stores next spring.
HUB-WIDE—Whether the bridal party is a group of three or 13, these Boston salons and spas welcome a rowdy bunch with open arms (ready to massage, curl, and bronze) either the day of or as a treat in advance of the festivities.
YOUR PAST—With Father's Day approaching fast, we chatted with 11 of Boston's stylish milieu about the best advice Dad ever dished out. Brace yourselves.