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JP's 75 Armory Avenue; Hub's Depressing Condo Market

JAMAICA PLAIN—The city held a meet-and-greet about another big development in the neighborhood: "On the table was a discussion about the project at 75 Amory Avenue, a development that would bring 39 affordable rental units along with parking and infrastructure upgrades. With the 225 Centre Street development already in the works nearby, the 75 Amory Avenue development promises to continue to reshape the look of the neighborhood." [Patch]
HUB-WIDE—Meet Brittany: "'If you like a place, you had better have an offer on it or it will be off the market tomorrow,' Brittany told me in a recent interview. 'You don't have a second to think.'" No, she's not looking in Cambridge, Davis Square or Arlington. Instead, she's looking in Natick." [Real Estate Now]

Jackson Square

Jackson Square, Boston, MA