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Big Building Plans in Back Bay, Big Hotel Listing Too!

BACK BAY—The Christian Science Church has detailed ginormous plans for its 15-acre plaza: "The church has proposed a pair of towers at Belvidere and Dalton streets that will include a 712,500-square-foot hotel and condominium skyscraper at 691 feet. At 14 feet per floor, that would be about 49 stories, slightly shorter than the Prudential tower's 52 floors. A second mid-rise would be a 237,500-square-foot apartment building at 285 feet. At 12 feet per floor, it would be about 24 stories." [Biz Journal]

BACK BAY—Just in time for Hotels Week 2013! "The owners of the Copley Square Hotel are putting the 112-year-old property up for sale amid signs that the Boston hospitality market is poised for strong growth in the months ahead." [Biz Journal]

Copley Square Hotel

47 Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA 02116