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The Battle for Yawkey Way

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Everett businessman Joseph Marchese Jr. has thrown down the gauntlet against the Red Sox for the lucrative concessions along Yawkey Way by Fenway Park.

The ball club has long had the exclusive rights to vend along the storied boulevard during game days, and those rights have come relatively sweet: From 2003 through 2011, the Red Sox got about $44.8 million in added revenue from concessions, souvenirs and tickets for the Green Monster seats and closing Yawkey Way. What the franchise paid the Boston Redevelopment Authority, which acted on behalf of the city so as to keep the Sox in Fenway, was $1.67 million. Not bad, eh?

Marchese, who plans to sublet most of the spots along Yawkey Way, would offer a lot more: "The proposed contract's average annual fee of $300,000 is twice the original price of $150,000 paid by the Red Sox." Of course, he would have to get said BRA's O.K., and they're staying mum on the offer. As for the Sox, they, too, declined to comment to The Globe. Stay tuned.
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Yawkey Way

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