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North End Development Worries; Cambridge Leaflets; More!

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CAMBRIDGE—A constitutional squabble over fliers in the People's Republic: "A Cambridge woman already battling the city in court over leaflets she puts on car windshields to advertise movies now faces another opponent: A man who goes around removing her leaflets and throwing them in his recycling." [Hub]
HUB-WIDE—The MBTA has plans to make its 15 busiest bus routes that much faster: "Construction on some of the bus routes will begin this week and upgrades to all of the effected routes are expected to be made by the end of August, officials announced Monday." []
NORTH END—The North End/Waterfront Residents' Association is concerned all the building in the area will have (deep breath) "major implications for traffic, energy consumption, public and private utilities and infrastructure, public realm amenities and impacts, housing, open space, massing and skyline changes, groundwater resources, shadow and wind, and impacts to residential quality and residential and business economies in the North End and other adjacent historical neighborhoods." [Biz Journal]