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Boston's Tallest Apartment Tower Takes Shape

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Back in early March, we broke the news that the 47-story tower atop Copley Place appeared to be back on as rentals rather than condos. Recall that the city O.K.'d the tower in November 2011, despite an "Occupy the Mayor's Office" effort by residents concerned about the tower's affordability and the shadows it might cast. About a year later, the plans went poof, as the developer, mall-making giant Simon Property Group, suspended its development plans.

The Boston Courant's Zack Huffman reports that Simon will unveil detailed plans for what would be the tallest apartment tower in Boston at a community meeting on Wednesday (ostensibly, the developer took to heart the concerns of area residents and are trying to incorporate those concerns in any changes). What the Copley Place tower looks like now, before those detailed plans are out: a 625 feet high; 318 apartments, 48 of which designated as affordable; and 115,000 square feet of retail and restaurant space. That puts it at the same height as the Millennium Tower, which is to be the city's tallest condo spire. Stay tuned.
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Millennium Tower

1 Franklin Street, , MA 02110 Visit Website

Copley Place Tower

100 Huntington Ave., Boston, MA 02116