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Big Reveal: the Custom-Built Colonial in West Roxbury

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And, now, the answer to last week's asking-price guessing game.

Where: 14 Marlin Road
Price: $749,900
The Skinny: More than 43 percent of you voted for an asking price ($675,999) that was well below the actual one (just under one-fifth voted for that). Even curiouser was the 37 percent who voted for options of $600,000 or less. What was it about this 5-BR, 2.5-BA that drove the votes toward the lower end? Could it have been the obvious need, evidenced by the listing, of work needing to be done by any new owner (the fifth bedroom was once the garage, for instance, so if you've got a car to park there...)? Could it have been the word "Dream" over the well in the yard, something too positive in this cynical age? Who knows? Still, it's telling, the votes for below-asking, especially in a Boston that goes over-asking so darn much.
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