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The Magic of the Copley Place Tower: More Units, Same Height

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Developer Simon Property Group unveiled its revised plans for the on-again, off-again tower atop Copley Place. Contrary to earlier reports, it will not, in fact, technically tie the Millennium Tower for tallest residential spire in Boston.

The addition will instead be 569 feet (to Millennium's 625). Most significantly, the Copley Place Tower will have far more residential units than originally thought: 433 apartments and 109 condos vs. 318 apartments. But! The building's height remains unchanged as the boost in units comes from reconfiguring interiors (though it's not clear from the plans unveiled today, we think that means more studios and one-bedrooms). Even at 569 feet, we're fairly certain that that would make the Copley Place Tower the tallest majority-apartment tower in Boston. Below, too, is a rendering of the retail base, which, instead of the fortress-like podium approach of yore, will be more integrated with the tower above and the pedestrian traffic below.

Update: The developer tells us that the tower, in fact, will go to 625 feet with "additional items" on top, like antennae and mechanical apparatuses.
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Copley Place Tower

100 Huntington Ave., Boston, MA 02116