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Here's How Much Cambridge Rents Can Spike

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We continue our look into the real apartment rents of Cambridge, thanks to submissions from you, dear reader. (Haven't sent? Do it now! Anonymity guaranteed.) The latest story comes from a reader sharing a split-level house with two roommates. The house is a few blocks south of Massachusetts Avenue, toward the Charles River and outside of Central Square.

Here's what's happening:

The house has 3 floors (finished basement, first, and second) with 3 bedrooms upstairs (two considerably smaller than the other one) and an additional bedroom/office in the basement. There is a washer dryer in the unit along with a dishwasher and a small back deck and private front patio. No parking included and no heat/electricity included. House is in decent shape but could definitely use some love & updates.
In 2012 we paid $2,500.
In 2013 we are paying $2,800.

Scared to think about 2014 and prices going up again! Indeed.
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Central Square

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