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Lush Limited Edition Perfume; North End Shopping; More!

It's beautiful out—let's go shopping with Racked Boston!

BACK BAYLush released a limited edition unisex fragrance collection, available in-store only through July 5 and featuring amazing names like like Hellstone, Load of Goathorn, Flower's Barrow, and Devil's Nightcap.
NORTH END—While the North End is known first and foremost for its solid Italian eats, the winding set of streets is also home to some welcoming boutique shopping—though you'll probably want to try on skinny jeans before consuming the cannoli.
SALISBURY—Head to Pettengill Farm in Salisbury this weekend for the epic Vintage Bazaar festival, featuring 135 vendors, live music, and gourmet food—all on a gorgeous flower farm.
TBD—National leading blow dry bar Drybar announces it will be opening a Boston location sometime this year. Is the local market getting too crowded or will the salon trend stick?