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Firecracker Short Rib Buns; A4 Pizza Bar; More!

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Let's grab a bite with Eater Boston!

INMAN SQUARE—After 15 years, Olé decided it was time for a little renovation and did away with the tiny old bar in favor of a spacious bar dubbed "El Trago" that takes up nearly half of the main dining room. On the menu: more home-brewed drinks like tepache, a pineapple drink commonly sold by merchants on the streets of Mexico.
ALLSTON—The menu for the upcoming Shanghai Social Club is full of buns stuffed with things like firecracker short ribs, crispy chicken skin, and lions head meatballs. For those who prefer the classics, there are also pu pu platters and scorpion bowls.
UNION SQUARE—Area Four's long-awaited Somerville expansion, A4 Pizza Bar, is planning for an early July opening, and it'll be a pizza experimentation workshop for the larger Cambridge restaurant. Also, there will be beer and Atari.
HARVARD SQUARE—Bill Bartley, GM of the legendary burger joint Mr. Bartley's, dishes on everything from the restaurant's burger-naming process to why you should never manhandle burger meat. And yes, the Viagra burger is one of the most popular choices.