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Ask a Hospitality Expert... Part of Hotels Week 2013!

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Next week we here at Curbed Boston will turn our laser-like focus on all things hotels-related in the Hub. As part of that, we're opening the floor to your questions about the hospitality industry. Shoot us an email (anonymity guaranteed) or leave your questions via the comments button to the upper right. Ask about anything and everything: best rates; worst rates; when to book; where to book; what to tip; etc.

Our expert to answer your questions all week? Adam Castiglioni, who some of you may recognize: He's the editor/publisher of the Boston Hospitality and Tourism Industry blog, covering news and events in this dynamic industry in Massachusetts. A current residential condominium concierge and a former hotel concierge, Adam's passionate about connecting people with information and insight gained through his experiences. He also runs the Twitter handle @conciergeboston.

Happy asking!