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$700 More a Month Off Porter for No Counters, Iffy Heat

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Our look at the real apartment rents of Cambridge continues, thanks to your submissions (and because the official takes are so darn guess-y). This latest story comes from tenants on the first floor of a three-level near Porter Square, where they've been renting since 2007.

Rent has stayed consistent at $1,400, so we've been really lucky there. The place was advertised as a 2 bedroom but it's really more of a 1 plus office. Layout is railroad style, so platonic roommates would have to tolerate marching through the master bedroom to reach the bathroom. That, and the so-called 2nd bedroom is small, with a tiny corner closet, and 3 doors accessing it, so it's really more of a 1+ for a couple. The apt. is not in great shape. Many issues with old appliances, mold/rust/dust, mice and rats, the works. It's perfectly livable, but not the lap of luxury. With a relocation to Quincy, what might become of this so-so Porter pad?

So like I said, $1,400 for a spacious, if not luxurious place, is still a great deal, especially 5 minutes from the Porter Square T. We're in the process of moving to Quincy (after a harrowing number of months of house searching, which is a story unto itself thanks to all the bidding wars and over-offers going on!) So our landlord is now advertising the place at $2,100. That's right -- a $700/month increase, or 50% over our current rent. And no, there's no plans for major renovations. The bathroom ceiling will stay moldy, the toilet and sink will remain turquoise, the kitchen will continue to have no counter space, and the apartment will remain freezing in the winter and boiling in the summer. I really feel for whatever poor souls end up paying such a high price, but it's a sad reflection of today's market that I have no doubt the place will be filled.

We don't doubt it, either. Share your own Cambridge rental story?
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Porter Square

1899 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02140