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Fenway Redo; When Roommates Attack: Brookline; More!

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FENWAY—Dang, look at this redo of a 113-year-old Victorian in Audubon Circle. [Boston Mag]
BROOKLINE—That's one way to deal with it, though we don't advise: "Stephan Marts, who lives on Washington Street with three other roommates, got into an argument with one of them when the other roommate put clothes in the dryer and turned it on around 3 a.m., on Saturday, June 22. ... Marts then walked to the kitchen and picked up a knife, according to the report, and walked toward the roommate and the dryer. Marts said his intention was to cut the cord to the dryer, but he never told his roommate that." [Tab]

CHINATOWN—Boston's Parcel 24 has a name (and a rendering!): "One Greenway is a planned 362-unit mixed-income development bordering Chinatown and the Rose Kennedy Greenway. Located just a few blocks from South Station at the corner of Kneeland Street and Hudson Street, One Greenway will provide much needed housing while restoring the fabric of the neighborhood that existed on Hudson Street more than 50 years ago." [Curbed Boston]