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T Naming Rights Might Happen; Brookline 'Most Educated'

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HUB-WIDE—Plans are still alive to sell naming rights to T stops: "In Section 75 of the lengthy joint transportation conference report, which was approved by both the House and Senate on Wednesday, the T would have to 'issue a request for proposals to sell, license or rent naming or sponsorship rights for all subway, bus or commuter rail stations or other assets operated and owned by the authority,' no later than January 1, 2014." [Boston Mag]
BROOKLINE/NEWTON—The locales have been named among the most educated in the nation. From the entry for Brookline: "Brookline has the second highest percentage of residents with a doctoral degree, at 14.4% of the population, and it matches up with Bethesda for having the highest percentage of residents with either a professional or doctoral degree, at 27.3% of the population." [Nerd Wallet]