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But There Were Only Four Beatles!

Five, if you count Pete Best. Seriously, folks, this reviewer re: the Milner off Charles Street spotted at least six bugs about her place:

As it was super late, I quickly unpacked and was ecstatic at the idea of sleeping, only to find a little pincered BLACK BEETLE on my pillow. I removed it with a tissue and proceeded to inspect the bed further, lest it had friends. I found one live and one long-dead beetle all on/in the pillowcase. Then I inspected the bed inside and out looking for more bugs. More beetles were found!! Upon finding the sixth beetle, I decided that even though it was almost 4 am and I was so tired, there was NO WAY I was going to sleep in this bed. A hard day's night, indeed. O.K., we'll stop.
· Our Hotels Week 2013 archive [Curbed Boston]