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Boston Hotels Where Guests Have Reported Bed Bugs

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Here are the 47 Boston hotels that have had bed bugs in recent years, according to the nationwide Bedbug Registry, a website that allows guests to log in and leave their terrifying tales of being bitten through the night. They're not all dives, neither, the 47. This review comes from one of our Curbed Boston Hotels 18:

I stayed on the tenth floor the night of May 17th, 2012. I saw three small bugs on one of the two double beds but the front desk had already made me change rooms, as the first one they gave me had unmade beds and a room service tray full of half-eaten food. I knew this was the last room and decided to go into denial. I started itching the following morning... The hotel has so far been very cooperative but the misery of having these bites all over me and not being able to go to work or teach has taken its toll on me already. · The 18 Essential Greater Boston Hotels, June 2013 [Curbed Boston]
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