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... And the Hotel's Nowhere Near Logan

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Someone visiting Harvard checked into the Americas Best Value Inn on Soldiers Field Road, right across the river from Watertown, and did not get the Ritz:

Our room was filthy dirty, loud, stinky and miserable. We had to wear shoes the entire time because the carpet was so dirty. One of the mattresses had some unidentifiable substance all over the side of it, the comforters were stained and stunk, the bathroom had mold everywhere and our window looked out over some dumpsters. Whenever the heat kicked on it sounded like a jet landing in the room. At about 11:30 our first night, a party of some sort broke out next door to us. It sounded like about 40 people in there and their door probably slammed shut literally 50 times that night. It went on until 4:30 am! Here's some higher-end options for the next go-round.
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