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How Much for XV Beacon's Beacon Hill Studio on July 4?

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RateSpotter is a spin on our classic PriceSpotter in honor of Hotels Week 2013. We give you some dates and details about a particular hotel room in the Hub and you vote for what you think the room is asking per night. We will reveal the answer on Friday. And, hey, no cheating!

Where/What: the Beacon Hill Studio at XV Beacon
Square Footage: 485
The Skinny: The 4th of July, one of the biggest party nights in Boston, is a-comin'. Supposin' you need a room for the night, and supposin' you want said room in one of the 18 essential hotels in the region? You might choose the Beacon Hill Studio for July 4, situated in the boutique XV Beacon. With your best available nightly room rate, you also get a gas fireplace; a 42-inch flat-screen; iHome radio; a desk with complimentary wireless internet access; and surround sound satellite radio. Oh, and a flat-screen in the john! Remember when a phone in the bathroom was a big deal? Anyway, it's just a week before the big night.

Poll results

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