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Hotels for Temple Place and the Brookline-Boston Borderlands

There's a hotel-building boom going on in the Hub, and, as part of Hotels Week 2013, we thought we'd run down some of the vitals on these many, many inns under construction. Today, we look at a new boutique in Downtown Crossing and rooms where Brookline meets Boston.

The 240-room boutique in the Ladder District joins all the madcap development going on (and up) in wider Downtown Crossing. The project involves redeveloping the 11-story 59 Temple Place and the adjacent six-story Amory Building fronting Washington Street, where the lobby will open onto a canopy and granite curbing. The city O.K.'d the plans back in December.


The old Circle Cinema and the Applebee's next-door on Chestnut Hill Avenue in Cleveland Circle are due to become a 181-room hotel as well as 82 apartments. The changeover hasn't been without controversy: the developer wanted to lead with the apartments, some residents wanted the Hilton Garden Inn to go up first (the developer won).
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59 temple place

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