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Big Reveal: the South End 3-BR in 'NY-Style' Building

And, now, the answer to last week's asking-price guessing game.

Address: 492 Massachusetts Avenue, #7-3
Price: $588,000
The Skinny: Gotta hand it to y'all—you nailed this one. We thought the square-footage (1,073) for the 3-BR, 1-BA might dissuade your from voting for the priciest option; that or the "nice investment" bit in the Michael Davis listing. But, no, you weren't fooled. Only about 12 percent of you guessed under $500,000, in fact. And, by the way, some of you had sprightly rejoinders to our musings about just what constitutes "New York style" in a Boston building, such as this one: "I had a 'railroad' apartment in Brooklyn once—as in, living there made you feel you'd been 'railroaded.'" Hey-o!
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