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Cambridge-Watertown Greenway; Hub Room Service; More!

CAMBRIDGE/WATERTOWN—The state has bought 4.2 acres to complete the Watertown-Cambridge Greenway: "Located between Grove Street in Watertown and Huron Avenue in Cambridge, the purchase connects the Charles River corridor, Fresh Pond Reservation, Fresh Pond Shopping Center, Alewife Greenway and T station, the Minuteman Bike Path and the Mystic River Reservation..." [Biz Journal]
HUB-WIDE—Might our hotels be next? "After the Hilton in Midtown, one of the largest destinations to stay in New York City, decided to scrap the idea of bringing food directly to the rooms of customers, eliminating more than 50 jobs in a move to 'reinvent' the hotel industry, analysts claimed others could follow in their footsteps." [Daily]
BEACON HILL—Traffic concerns in particular appear to have been assuaged: "One year after Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary officials faced a skeptical and, at times, hostile crowd over its $343 million expansion plan, Beacon Hill residents were more welcoming of the proposal Monday night." [Biz Journal]