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Micro-Homes; the Cape & Islands' Priciest Listings; More!

It's rainy out, but here's the latest from the sunniest blog in New England, Curbed Cape Cod!

CAPE & ISLANDS—For this week's Curbed Comparisons, we're checking out what $675K can buy you around the Cape & Islands.
CAPE & ISLANDS—Here now, the 20 most expensive listings on the Cape & Islands, asking $12,750,000 to $47,500,000.
CAPE & ISLANDS—Ranging from 183 to 400 square feet and asking $88K to $490K (that's the Nantucket listing, naturally), we've mapped micro homes over the bridge.
NANTUCKET—Speaking of the Grey Lady, any idea how much some "antique charm" in Town might rent for? The six-bedroom features harbor views, a rumpus room and a price tag between $17,500 and $25,500 per summer week. Right this way to play our asking price guessing game.