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Updating the Heatmap; End of An Tua Nua; More!

Let's grab a bit with Eater Boston!

HUB-WIDE—It's time again for an update to the Eater Boston Heatmap, your definitive guide to where to eat right freaking now. New additions feature the cuisines of Chile and Switzerland.
KENMORE—Sorry, kids, but An Tua Nua closes on Saturday. See that link for a particularly entertaining comments section.
TBD—This week brought big news of what promises to be a hot restaurant opening on the horizon. Tasting Counter will unite several national dining trends, including a chef's counter serving a tasting menu and a ticketing service in lieu of reservations.
BEACON HILL—Say hello to the latest in the classic cocktail revival movement: Carrie Nation Cocktail Club, now open on Beacon Street.