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Francis Avenue Manses Buck Cambridge's Over-Asking Trend

[57 Francis Avenue]

'Tis received wisdom—and rightfully so—that Cambridge houses can go for way over asking nowadays. Three houses along Francis Avenue just northeast of Harvard Square, however, have gone against the grain recently.

The trades of 53 Francis Avenue, 63 Francis Avenue and 57 Francis Avenue constitute the second, third and fourth most expensive sales in Cambridge so far this year. Each went relatively fast (53 Francis took the longest to sell, with 146 days from listing to closed deal, and 57 Francis the shortest, at barely two damn weeks), but each went for under its asking price.

For 53 Francis, it was $125,000 under for a closing price of $3,825,000; for 63 Francis, it was a mere $10,000 under for a closing of $3,740,000; and for 57 Francis, it was $140,000 under for a closing of $3,710,000. Not every home sale can be like the most expensive one so far this year in Cambridge: $5,000,000 for 66 Sparks Street. That puppy went for a full $1,300,000 over asking. Have a good Wednesday.
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