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$118M Estate Hits the Market; the Cape Cod 38; More!

Now for a word from the sunniest blog in New England, Curbed Cape Cod!

WEST TISBURY—Behold, a blockbuster listing on Martha's Vineyard has hit the market with an insane ask of $118 million.
CHATHAM & NANTUCKET—The priciest listing on the Cape and this $18 million Nantucket estate, with its own practice golf holes, seemed like blockbusters earlier in the week, but now, not so much.
CAPE & ISLANDS—Meanwhile, back on Earth, this week's Curbed Comparisons is checking out what $730,000 can buy you around the Cape & Islands (above).
CAPE COD—Looking for the very best escapes, eateries, shops and more over the bridge? Without further ado, the Cape Cod 38.