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North End Chef Disses North End; Root Opens; More!

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Let's grab lunch with Eater Boston!

HUB-WIDE—No need to waste any brain cells figuring out where to eat for your next 50 meals. The Eater 38 and the Eater Boston Heatmap both got updated this week, bringing you the 38 essential Boston restaurants and the 12 places to eat at this very second, respectively.
NORTH END—North End chef Michael Serpa (Neptune Oyster) created a little bit of social media drama when he called the North End a joke in a tweet inspired by his annoyance at a neighbor's promotion of a giant lobster roll, the "USS Lobstitution." He later stood by his comments but clarified them into a call for more creativity in the neighborhood.
ALLSTON—The vegan-friendly corner of Allston Village lost Peace o' Pie awhile back, but the owners of nearby dairy-free ice cream shop FoMu opened a new plant-based restaurant, Root, in its place. Allow these interior shots to soothe your soul.
SEAPORT DISTRICT—50-year-old Anthony's Pier 4, which has fed countless celebrities, politicians, and other public figures over the years, will close its doors next month. The space is being developed into a multi-use complex, including living and retail options, but Anthony's might reopen in a smaller form somewhere on the property.