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City O.K.'s 399 Congress, Point, Parcel 9, Boston East, More!

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That cagey Boston Redevelopment Authority this week went ahead and O.K.'d the construction of more than 1,100 housing units, most of them market-rate apartments.

The chosen include:

· The Residences at 399 Congress Street, a 22-story tower with 414 apartments. It will range from one- to three-bedrooms, with 63 affordable apartments and 60 so-called innovation units.
· The 320-unit Point at Brookline Avenue and Boylston Street. It will range from one- to three-bedrooms.
· The 184-unit University Place Residences at 140-150 Mt. Vernon Street in Columbia Point. It will include 24 affordable units.
· The 196-unit Boston East at 102-148 Border Street. It will be one- and two-bedrooms.
· Jackson Square's 75 Armory Avenue, with 39 affordable units. Most will be two- and three-bedrooms.
· Fifty units for Parcel 9 in Roxbury. The project also includes a 145-room hotel and 12,600 square feet of ground-floor retail and community space.

It may be time to update our Rental Heatmap, eh?
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Jackson Square

Jackson Square, Boston, MA