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Brookline Dog Park; Newton Stall; Allston Festival

ALLSTON—The Allston DIY Fest is a go at Ringer Park. But! "Noise control efforts, including relocating one particular performance stage, will be made in order to provide a buffer between the event and neighbors, the city said. Parking accommodations for event-goers must also be made; city officials said that organizers have preliminary approval to host a parking site at a nearby school." []
BROOKLINE—Woof! "During the dog-friendly event, in which residents were encouraged to bring their furry companions to Washington Square, Cohen collected hundreds of signatures in favor of establishing an official dog park in Brookline. By the end of that week, he and fellow dog-owner Margie Katz had collected about 850 signatures." [Tab]
NEWTON—Globe columnist Adrian Walker says Mayor Setti Warren is trying to stall to death a conversion of an old firehouse into apartments for the formerly homeless: "I'd have slightly more respect for Warren, whom I've known and liked for years, if he just admitted that he doesn't think Engine 6 is worth the political headache it threatens to become. Instead, he has opted to call for more 'process' — more meetings, more discussion, more information, more blah blah blah." [Globe]