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40 Trinity Place Plants Lobby 18 Floors Up, Gets Sleeker

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Wowza! When last we checked in on 40 Trinity Place back in the fall, the would-be John Hancock neighbor slated to supplant the Boston Common Hotel and Conference Center, it had 220 hotel rooms and 142 condos, plus plush retail, including restaurants.

Now, new plans filed with the city peg the number of condos at 115, with the number of four-star hotel rooms rising seven notches to 227 (the retail and restaurants are still there). Meanwhile, reacting to resident concerns over the effect the 33-story, 400-foot tower might have on wind, the design was tweaked to make 40 Trinity what they call "wind-neutral." Perhaps the most stunning tweak, though—actually, never mind: the most stunning tweak, bar none—is the two-story lobby starting on the 18th floor. It will have a restaurant, a lounge and deck, all presumably with views of the little people dealing with the wind.
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