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Greasy Spoons Week; Nookie Visits the Reaper; More!

It's been Greasy Spoons Week all week at Eater Boston.

HUB-WIDE—Eater Boston wraps up Greasy Spoons Week today, a celebration of diners and other favorite cheap spots from the present and the past. Start your nostalgic journey with a peek at a map of Boston's ultimate greasy spoons.
EAST CAMBRIDGE—Steve "Nookie" Postal continues his weekly On the House series about the process of opening his upcoming restaurant, Commonwealth. Construction has just begun, and Nookie has been looking for equipment at auctions run by the "grim reaper of restaurants."
WATERTOWN—Paul Maslow gives a very honest interview about the evolution of 27-year-old Strip-T's, discussing what it was like handing over the reins to son Tim Maslow (spoiler alert: not always easy). Things are running pretty smoothly now, and the younger Maslow's new restaurant, Ribelle, is under construction in Brookline.
HUB-WIDE—For Greasy Spoons Week, 11 chefs around town are offering special dishes, homages to their favorite greasy spoon fare from the past. You still have a few days to get your hands on them, from foie gras-studded meatloaf to a deep-fried fluffernutter.