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Old Colony Progress; Eastie Museum Plans; More!

SOUTH BOSTON—The second phase of the Old Colony project is moving along: "Construction crews have finished demolishing the brick buildings on the corner of Old Colony Avenue and Dorchester Street in South Boston that housed 223 residential units. They have since moved on to constructing townhouses and four-story buildings that will hold the 169 new units slated for the area." []
EAST BOSTON—Residents feel the Museum of Realist Art already: "The museum plan was first proposed last year by Pamela Sienna and George Kougeas, residents of East Boston's Eagle Hill section since 1995, for the redevelopment of the old East Boston Branch Library on Meridian Street. The building, where the branch library moved in 1914, will be vacant after the opening of a new branch currently under construction in Bremen Street Park." []
BOSTON—Craig Douglas shares an epiphany he had about the city: "What is most amazing about Boston is the fact that it is all so new. Cranes and work crews are everywhere, as are restaurants and hipster worker bees. New glass. New granite. Green space galore. Clean causeways and spit-shined store shingles, all this in a near 400-year-old city. This was all having an increasingly sublime effect on my mood." [Biz Journal]