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It's Go Time for Developers as Menino Exits Office

It certainly jibes with the flurries of approvals that Boston's seen recently: Developers are apparently scrambling to get proposals O.K.'d by the city before "Shovels" Menino leaves office at the end of the year.

Per Casey Ross in The Globe:

Over the last three months, the Boston Redevelopment Authority has received 23 large development proposals, a 35 percent increase over the same period last year, officials said. The pitches include a 60-story office tower and residences in Government Center, a pair of towers next to the Christian Science Plaza, and large-scale apartment and hotel projects in Roxbury, East Boston, the Fenway, and the Back Bay. The stronger economy (and its cheaper money) is part of it. But the biggest part is fear of the unknown: Mayor Menino and his Boston Redevelopment Authority have been so amenable to development over the least several years. Now he is leaving and it's likely headed for an overhaul; developers don't know what to expect from a new regime. Though, we suspect they have little to worry about from Menino's successor, whoever that may be.
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