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Check Out This Redone Greek Revival in Beacon Hill

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This 5,341-square-foot townhouse dating from 1836 was recently radically renovated.

The 4-BR, 7-BA Greek Revival at 23 West Cedar Street in Beacon Hill hit the sales market less than a week ago for $6,250,000 through Coldwell Banker. That makes it one of the five priciest listings in all of pricey Boston right now. It last sold way, way back in June 1997 for $1,347,500; and then went on and off the market, starting at $3,300,000, in May 2011. Sometime between then and now the renovation happened, leaving the townhouse with its luxuriant, silvery shine (as well as a roof deck; two tiered gardens; and modern appliances and finishes galore). And, hey, it didn't need a gut renovation!
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