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Yawkey Station Redesign; Brookline Sidewalk Chalk

FENWAY—The MBTA says the redesign of the Yawkey commuter rail stop will be finished in the fall: "Once the project is finished, trains will stop at the station next door to Fenway Park up 40 times per day, up from the current 17 stops..." []
BROOKLINE—Nora Dooley set off a First Amendment debate after requesting to write in washable chalk on the town's sidewalks: "Her request to do 'chalk art' on public sidewalks was first met with some skepticism from the town, as officials were concerned about Dooley possibly blocking public ways. There was even a question of whether or not the chalk qualified as graffiti." [Tab]

Yawkey Way

19 Yawkey Way, Boston, MA 02215