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318 Beacon's New Act: Five-Figure Rental

The 10,500-square-foot, 19-room elegant monster at 318 Beacon Street took a while—and $2 million in price-chops—to sell. But, when it did this spring, it traded for a gobsmackingly respectable $7,400,000.

The previous owners had subdivided the mansion into five residences, most of them rentals and all of them vacant by the time of the sale. Now, the rental residences are back, and the biggest amongst them is asking $15,000 a month. Unit 4 is a 3-BR, 3.5-BA unfolding over 3,690 square feet, with gigantic windows with Charles River views (there's also parking for two). The other two rentals in 318 Beacon are more modest: $3,300 for a 1-BR, 1-BA; and $7,500 for a 2-BR, 3-BA. Yes, we referred to a $7,500 2-BR rental as "more modest."
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