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$27M on Nantucket; When Does the Shark Eat All These Dopes?

On a cloudy day, you need the sunniest blog in New England.

NANTUCKET—Another day, another blockbuster. Meet the island's new second priciest listing, asking a hefty $27 million (above). The 10 bedroom estate is owned by Susie Hilfiger, ex-wife of fashion icon Tommy Hilfiger.
MARTHA's VINEYARD—For better or for worse, ABC Family's new reality show, The Vineyard, premiered this week. No shocker, the Globe thinks it's "repulsive," a view shared by many who wonder, "When does the shark eat all these dopes?"
FALMOUTH—We're in West Falmouth for this week's asking price guessing game. Any idea how much a four bedroom on Black Beach offering "simplicity of beach life" might be asking? Hint: Simplicity apparently costs millions. This way to play!
CAPE COD—Here's what the Bay State single-family median, aka $350K, can buy you across Cape Cod. Spoiler alert: one listing comes with a backyard yurt!