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Hub's Water History; Belmont Estate Homes

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BELMONT—Belmont Estate Homes is a new project by one of Curbed Boston's experts, Cindy Stumpo: "They will all include five bedrooms, four full-bathrooms and two half-bathrooms, with anywhere from over 5,000 square feet of living space to upwards of 8,000 square feet, depending on the level of finish work a buyer chooses to include." And they'll start and end price-wise in the $3M range. [Herald]
HUB-WIDE—Here's an awesomely deep look at the region's water supply, including its history: "The origin of Boston is tied to water. Puritan settlers chose to settle in this area over others they considered like Salem and Charlestown because of its access to fresh water, acquiring the land from English settler William Blackstone." []