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The Return of 410 Beacon Street

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The scrumptious 9,107-square-foot townhouse was last listed in August 2011 for $9,650,000.

Its price was hacked to $8,850,000 the following July, and then 410 Beacon disappeared from the market altogether in early 2013. Well, now the 5-BR, 7-BA spread, with eight fireplaces, a wood-paneled library and two decks (as well as a private garden), is back, back, back: It's asking $8,990,000, a sort of happy medium between 2011's original asking and the asking right before it went poof.

The new listing, through newly-brought-on Campion & Co., is the priciest to hit Boston since late June—though it's got nothing on the monsters that dropped back then.
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