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New Seaport Hotel; Porter Square Fight; More!

SEAPORT—Mayor Menino cut the old ribbon on the 120-room Marriott Residence Inn at 370 Congress Street today. [Twitter/BRA]
PORTER SQUARE—Not everyone's over the moon about the Cambridge City Council's zoning O.K. for a hotel at 1924 Mass. Ave.: "'This is a complete charade,' McGrail said, adding that the council's ruling amounted to spot zoning, or changing laws to accommodate a single developer. State law bars spot zoning." [Chronicle]

CHELSEA—The 350-unit Forbes Park was really going to be something: "But the ambitious project to be built on the former site of a 19th century printing factory on the Chelsea River that proponents said would help make Chelsea the next hip place to be, ran into a series of snags that will result in a foreclosure auction that is set for July 25." [Biz Journal]

Porter Square

1899 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02140