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The Mysterious Marlborough Mega-Listing Goes for $7M-Plus

Well, then. We found out in early April that the 5,586-square-foot, 6-BR, 4.5-BA townhouse at 18 Marlborough Street had found a buyer while asking $7,900,000—and with only two listing photos, both exteriors, and with a rather head-spinning pricing history. That deal agreed upon in April has remained shrouded in as much mystery as the townhouse itself.

We now know that the sale of 18 Marlborough closed on June 19 for $7,600,000 (sorry, would have reported sooner but we were knee-deep in Hotels Week 2013!). The trade, brokered for the seller by Tracy Campion, is among the biggest in Boston so far this year.

By our count now, four Boston residential trades have closed for at least $7,000,000 each, with 18 Marlborough the latest and the March sale of the Ames-Webster mansion for $14,500,000 the priciest. (That puppy, in fact, is the most expensive home sale in Boston history.) Moreover, few other listings have gone to contract with askings of at least $7M, though they have yet to close. 2013: the year high seven figures became routine in Boston real estate.
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Ames-Webster Mansion

306 Dartmouth Street, Boston, MA 02116