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Fairmount Fare Cuts; Top Boston, Cambridge Brokers

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MATTAPAN/DORCHESTER—The MBTA is cutting fares and wait times along the newly beefed-up Fairmount line: "Since the T completed a massive $200 million restoration of the route through neighborhoods including Mattapan and Dorchester, the Fairmount Line has struggled to increase ridership and build on the promise that it could be a business boon in the neighborhoods." [Globe]
BOSTON/CAMBRIDGE—A new national ranking of the top 200 real estate brokers by sales transactions in 2012 places Tracy Campion of Campion & Co. at No. 7. She's the only Boston broker, in fact, in the top 50. Cambridge broker Gail Roberts of Coldwell Banker clocks in at No. 49. [WSJ]