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Off Kendall Square, 10 Percent Rent Jumps Annually

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For a little more than three months now, we've been asking for your experiences in the Cambridge rental market and you've been responding. Why have we been doing it? Because there does not appear to be any better tracking of said apartment rents; and, as anyone in the wider region probably knows, the rental market is often a Thunderdome of handshake agreements, hopeful terms and meh infrastructure, with prospective tenants left with little to go by beyond what they see from landlords or the media. These vignettes, then, have provided a more concrete way to think about the real apartment rents of Cambridge. For instance, this latest tells you a lot about the market just off Kendall Square.

This tenant lives at one of the four University Park residential buildings around Sidney and Franklin streets:

The advertised rates change daily. I'm paying $2100 for a one-bedroom, but the market rates for the same apartment fluctuates anywhere between $2900-$3400 for the one bedroom. It's definitely luxury living based on other people's description of their apartments—granite countertops, in-unit washer/dryer, etc. My rates have risen by about 10% every year (I've lived for 3 years). But it's still so much cheaper than any comparable places that I feel like I should continue squatting here. What's your Cambridge rental story? Let us know (anonymity guaranteed).
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Kendall Square

Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA