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1-Percenter Problems: Clarendon Residents Fear 40 Trinity

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Forty Trinity Place is a 33-story condo-hotel hybrid theoretically sheathed in glass and drenched in luxury and set to rise next to the John Hancock Tower. Its developers publicly presented the latest wind-neutral plans for the building this week.

It's impossible to please everyone—this is Boston development, after all—but one batch of the public was particularly critical of a particular aspect of 40 Trinity: Its 400-foot height and general bulk. Per Banker & Tradesman: "Comments from residents and other community stakeholders at the public meeting were wide-ranging. Several residents from the Clarendon apartment and condo building across the street at 400 Stuart Street expressed concern that they would be losing direct sunlight into their units, with one saying he would lose 75 percent of the sunlight that he now enjoys."

The Clarendon, where condos sell for $6,500,000 and rent for $30,000, is the shorter, brownish building in the rendering above (it's 350 feet tall). Forty Trinity, which will have 115 condos and 227 hotel rooms, is the grayer mass right to its left. You can see what's gonna happen.

And it looks like it is gonna happen. The developers, Boston hoteliers Jeffrey and Gary Saunders and Jordan Warshaw, expect to get the necessary O.K.'s and start construction this coming winter. After all, the last time the city was presented with concerns over a new downtown tower's shadows, it blew right by them to approval.
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