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The Fate of Parcel 9 Has Finally Been Decided

The fate of Parcel 9 has finally been decided by MassDOT after years of deliberation. In February, plans to build a 100,000-square-foot Boston Museum on the Greenway were scrapped. Two proposals were left in the running. A 180-room hotel and food market with a winter garden. The second contender was a 50-apartment building and its own food market and rooftop garden.

Plagued with controversial rumors during the selection process, MassDOT required both developers to disclose any side deals with the Haymarket Pushcart Association (HPA). This resulted in all involved parties (including the HPA and MassDOT) pointing fingers at each other about side deals and undisclosed information.

MassDOT selected the Haymarket Square Hotel project from Normandy Real Estate Partners, to the surprise of many. The other option, the Blackstone Market residential proposal was supported by the MassDOT Parcel 7 and 9 RFP Advisory Committee, the Haymarket Pushcart Association, and several North End elected officials. The criteria involved for awarding the project included: proposed land use, project design, community benefits; community and City input; and the developer's financial ability and experience.

Nonetheless, the Greenway will see a new hotel at North and Hanover Street's designated Market District. The proposed plan will include a 180-room hotel in an 8-story building with a 1-2 story market hall. The ground level retail and restaurant space will "complement the weekly Haymarket Pushcart Association produce market" as touted by MassDot. The Haymarket pushcarts will also benefit from $2 million infrastructure improvements. The proposed development will now be subjected to standard City and state permitting process. Stay tuned. Brenda Phan

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