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40 Trinity Says Bring it! Fountains in South End; Casinos!

Back Bay— Gary Saunders, of Saunders Hotel Group and 40 Trinity Place is all about being competitive. The proposed project is a 33-story glass tower with 227 hotel rooms, 115 luxury condos, and 3 restaurants. When asked in an interview about the nearby Clarendon's residences, Saunders said prices at Trinity place will compare to the $1,600 per square foot cost at the Clarendon. In regards to the 50-story hotel and condo by the Christian Science Plaza, Saunders is just not worried at all. "We think we run great hotels and that's our business. We are not developers as much as we are owner-operators." [BBJ]
South End— Two newly renovated and restored water fountains in the Blackstone and Franklin Squares are up and running as of today. Originally decorative fountains installed around 1850; the historic fountains were excavated and outfitted with a water recycling and pumping system. The surrounding pavers and pathways were also improved. The project had a $65,000 design budget and a $611,750 construction budget which was funded by the City's Capital Improvement Plan and the Blackstone/Franklin Square Neighborhood Association. []
Milford— Massachusetts Gaming Commission said a successful negotiation with surrounding communities would be an important factor in casino application process. Surrounding communities' approval would be considered by the commission if the applicant can garner support for the project. []

The Clarendon Apartments

400 Stuart Street, Boston, Massachusetts