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1350 Boylston Just Can't Catch a Break

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Skanska, developer of 1350 Boylston, is facing even more opposition from the neighborhood about their revised plans to build on the existing Burger King site and parking lot.

Last year, the community opposed the original plan to build an office tower when some residents voiced their concerns about having the wrong type of development. A few weeks ago, Skanska came back with a new plan to build an 18-story building with 240 apartments with ground level retail.

And residents are still not happy. Current zoning laws only allow a maximum height of 115 feet or about 10 stories at the existing site of 1350 Boylston Street. The revised project would be a 195-foot tower. William Richardson, president of the Fenway Civic Association still wants something built on that site but stated, "what they proposed is a little over the top."

They're not getting any support from Hizzoner either. In Mayor Menino's words, "It's not my fault they paid a lot of money for the site, they knew the zoning rules when they bought it and they have to work within those rules." Skanska bought the site last year for $12.4 million even though the property was assessed by the city for $2.3 million.

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