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130 Commonwealth Ave. Wants To Be a Record-Breaker, Again

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After recently trading on May 1 for $9,500,000, the 9,817-square-foot mansion is back on the market. This isn't the second or third time we've brought you this listing. No sir, 130 Commonwealth wants you to know it still wants to be the priciest home you'll ever see. You won't believe what it's asking for now.

Last year, you were introduced to 130 Commonwealth with its 6-BR, 10-BA, an au pair suite, 2,200 bottle wine cellar, and 6 heated parking spots... The list goes on and on. Last July, it was asking for $12,500,000, which would make it one of the priciest sales of 2012. Unfortunately, 130 Commonwealth fell victim to the luxury market in Boston, slashing its price to $9,500,000 and finally traded this May. From which point, it was on the market as a rental, but was asking an exorbitant amount of rent, even by Boston's standards. The $43,000 a month would've made it Boston's priciest rental ever. But alas, it kept lowering its rent from $39,000 to a mere $37,500.

This time it's back on the market for a cool $14,500,000 and would make it one of the priciest home sales in the history of Boston if it goes for full asking price. That would put it in the ranks with the 26,000-square-foot, 50 room Ames-Webster Mansion which traded for the same price back in March. Looks like the saga of 130 Commonwealth won't be over any time soon.

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