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Frost Ice Bar Cometh; Nick Offerman on Food; More

Let's cool off with a tasty bit of Eater Boston!

FANEUIL HALL — Frost Ice Bar is precisely what it sounds like, and it could open at the end of the month. Eater Boston sent an intrepid photographer into the 21-degree Fahrenheit space, and he emerged un-frostbitten with a spectacular set of images.

BACK BAY — Exactly four months after being damaged and closing temporarily due to the Marathon bombings, Forum reopened yesterday for a fundraiser, renovated and refreshed. Tonight, dinner service resumes with a new chef and new menu. Sneak a peek at the upstairs renovations.

FANEUIL HALL — Are you sitting down? Because it's time to start up the Shake Shack frenzy again. Maybe. A reliable tipster tells Eater that a Shake Shack is in the works for Faneuil Hall, although a lease has not yet been signed. Meanwhile, the Harvard Square location is heading for a fall opening, and new locations will be serving fresh-cut fries instead of the frozen crinkle-cuts. (Existing locations will eventually make the switch as well.)

THEATRE DISTRICT — Actor/comedian Nick Offerman, who plays the lovably grumpy Ron Swanson on Parks and Recreation, chatted with Eater Boston in advance of his upcoming tour stops at The Wilbur. Topics included plenty of meat, memorable meals, fishing, woodworking, and more.