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Seaport District Might Suffer the Same Fate as Rest of City

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Bumper to bumper traffic and construction is nothing new in Boston, if not part of our daily lives. Consider the current traffic headache happening in the Seaport District. With the expected arrival of thousands of new residents and employees, you'll understand why officials are predicting a transportation crisis in the near future.

The new burgeoning neighborhood is likely to see more traffic activity with all the new construction bringing people to the area. The thing is, officials didn't expect a transportation crisis on their hands so early on in its development. 200 companies with 4,000 employees just moved in over the last few years. In the next 3 years, 6 major companies alone will add 6,300 employees to that number. The main artery on Northern Avenue is already experiencing heavy traffic during rush hour. This spills out onto Atlantic Avenue, another major roadway that funnels commuters to I-93 and beyond. The Silver Line is also experiencing an uptick in usage, evident when it leaves passengers on the platform to wait for the next bus.

The scary part: the Seaport District is growing at such a rate that officials are predicting a transportation crisis if not addressed. Mayor Menino predicted the area's transportation infrastructure would reach its capacity by 2025 but is already experiencing gridlock. Mayor Menino praised the growth, in spite of the traffic complications. "It's a wonderful success. Because of the success, we're having a problem. It's amazing to me." Massachusetts Port Authority chief executive Thomas Glynn echoed the Mayor's sentiments and stated, "The good news is that we have this problem, if you will, that other cities would die to have." Officials from different transportation departments got together and will expedite a $1 million yearlong study to develop a transportation plan by the end of next year. He also estimates that officials only have 3 years to come up with solutions before traffic conditions are irreversible. At the rate traffic is taking over the Seaport, it could be much sooner.

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